Craig is having fun with technology again, tweeting this Sunday evening: Am listening to Brazilian lounge music and playing with my new I-pad. What happened to me man? At least I stole the ipad from Betty White

Thanks to RSA members ElevationGrace and SecretNakedHobo for alerting us to some new offerings at the Robot Skeleton Army store, (organized by RSA member Colleen_Byrne) including “Ass Mode” stickers, RSA buttons and more. Some items listed in our original post were from other vendors. Check it out… and remember proceeds go to charity. In April, the designated charity is the Lollipop Theater Network. Previous donations have gone to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders for post-earthquake help in Haiti and Chile.

Don’t forget: It’s a Mr. Wick and Mimi reunion tonight on the Late Late Show, as the funny Kathy Kinney joins Craig, along with fashion expert Tim Gunn.

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