Craig is in the Bahamas, recording his segments for “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel in August. He tweeted: Arrived in the Bahamas for Shark Week. If the marine life is even half as friendly as the peeps I’ll be fine.

All this week, we’re featuring an appearance Craig made in October of 2009 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco. A fan who goes by the YouTube user name littlefishy0 recorded the interview. Today, we conclude with parts 8 and 9, wrapping up the audience Q & A session.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker has been setting up his visit to the Caribbean, in preparation for “Shark Week” in August. She has been tweeting about her progress: Leaving tonight for Bahamas to have pre-shoot pow wow with the sharks (aka begging them not to eat the boss) Followed by this: Just dined with the crew from Discovery/Shark Week – they encouraged me to bring a barf bag on the boat, which has me a bit concerned.

Meanwhile, LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland is again reminding the roboskelly faithful how to get their tweets read on the air, with these tips: Calling all #RSArmy #LateLateShow Fans: it’s time 2 send @CraigyFerg Q’s 2 read on the show w name/town. ORIGINALITY works – weird doesn’t.

How To Tweet Craig (part 1): Ask a question, somewhere in it put where you’re from. Don’t repeat & send the same question every day.

How To Tweet Craig (part 2): send Q’s TO his twitter @CraigyFerg. Don’t be gross or ask things you know he can’t read on air.

How To Tweet Craig (part 3): You can imagine how many of the SAME Q’s he gets. SAME = BORING. Be different w/ what you ask. Have fun!

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig’s guests will be actor/comedian Tim Meadows and oceanic explorer Jean Michel Cousteau.

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