Craig is in Boston tonight, to host the city’s Independence Day celebration, the last hour of which will be broadcast live on CBS, beginning at 10pm ET/9pm PT (tape delayed on the west coast). The final twenty minute fireworks display will be presented commercial free and the entire broadcast will be in high definition for the first time.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a brief mention of Craig’s appearance in Glenside on Saturday, on it’s entertainment page today.

Because Craig is on the road on the east coast for the next several days, the re-run fairy will be visiting the Late Late Show this week: Monday, July 5 will feature Craig’s interview with Scarlett Johansson (May 5), Tuesday brings Robert Downey, Jr. (May 13), Wednesday will be Holly Hunter and music from The Hold Steady (May 20), Thursday includes Adam Goldberg and magician Jamy Ian Swiss (June 3) and Friday’s episode will be a rebroadcast of the June 9th Late Late Show, with Kyra Sedgwick and Tom Felton.

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Celebrate safely. Please don’t drink and drive.

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