Craig is on the road, making a standup swing across the Southern US. He’ll be in Biloxi, Mississippi tomorrow night, then on to Robinsonville, Mississippi (near Memphis), Atlanta, Orlando, Coral Springs and Clearwater, Florida before heading back to Los Angeles. That means we have two more fresh shows, followed by week off (shh, don’t tell anyone that Craig’s not live!). New episodes begin again on March 22nd.

From the road, Craig tweeted that he and his team are on their way to Mississippi: @rebtuck & Chris getting chummy in West Texas. We r headed for Biloxi

We’re told by Craig’s producer that the funny Eddie Izzard will return tonight for another round of tweets and e-mails: michaelnaidus Ding Dong! You again?

And the Robot Skeleton Army continues to grow as a force on Twitter. Last night as the show was airing in the Eastern and Central time zones, RSA member @fgtrplr tweeted us to say: Robot Skeleton Army is in the middle of the trending United States early this morning. #RSA #robotskeletonarmy

It’s another great example of how the RSA is getting stronger every day!

Grant Imahara tweeted a great photo from the M5 lab Wednesday night, showing Geoff Petersen the robot skeleton sidekick in a classic recruiting poster pose: want you! Join the Robot Skeleton Army!!

We here at RSA News liked the picture so much, we made it the new profile picture for the page.

It was after 9pm Pacific Time when Grant tweeted: And yes, I’m still in the shop working on the skeleton’s arm and pointing finger.

Seeing this, Craig replied: Grant I’m worried about you being alone at night in the shop with Geoff Peterson. He’s untested man! Be careful

Grant will be hard at work building the sidekick to have it ready in time for the debut on April 5th, which is also the night of the NCAA men’s basketball championship game.

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