Craig is taking his casual look to a new level, wearing only a t-shirt under his suit jacket last night. Several roboskellies were tweeting their approval last night but Craig might not be sold on the idea: Wore t shirt with suit 2nite on the show. Thought I’d be like Don Johnson. Ended up more like Al Bundy. *sigh*

Meanwhile, LLS producer Michael Naidus is being rather cryptic with his tweets. About a day ago, he posted this tweet: I have a question. Lots of RSA members responded with tweets like, “Go ahead, ask your question.” Then today, he posted this: Thank you for answering my question. We aren’t really sure what the question was or what the answer turned out to be but we’re always happy to help.

There aren’t enough O’s in “cool” to describe the latest creation of SunnyAnnie84, one of the most talented graphic artists here in the hollowed-out volcano. Her RSArmy recruiting poster is simply awesome, complete with Craig’s new t-shirt look and an appropriate “great day for America” gesture.

There are more pictures of Craig’s shark diving adventure online. LipSyncingScot found these: Craig Ferguson diving -Stuart Cove:

Thanks go to LipSyncingScot for also pointing us toward Lynn Ferguson’s recent radio interview:
This is @lynnfergy‘s interview with @londongarcia from yesterday.

Craig’s guests on the Late Late Show tonight are barbecue chef Myron Mixon and actress Mindy Kaling, about whom Craig tweeted this afternoon: The adorable @mindykaling on the show 2nite. What a dame! She’s just the sort of friend I would have if I wasn’t such a weird cranky loner.

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