Craig is taking a well-deserved weekend off, after a busy month touring and promoting his movie, which made more than 13 million dollars on its first day. He tweeted last night:

Apparently I have a larger part than people expected. (Do your own joke please. I’m taking the weekend off) C xxx

Meanwhile, Grant Imahara remains at work, preparing Geoff Petersen for his April 5th unveiling on the Late Late Show. While pondering how he got to this place in his life, Grant said: I am now measuring a plastic and aluminum skeleton for clothing. #strangecareer A strange career indeed, Grant.

We forgot to post a Friday fact yesterday, so since it’s Saturday, let’s call it a Ferguson Fact: Since he joined Twitter February 8th, @CraigyFerg on gains on average more than 137 new followers EVERY HOUR. Go #RSA !

New episodes return on Monday with The Soup‘s Joel McHale and actor Ben McKenzie.

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