Craig is winding up his first week of having Geoff Peterson on the show. What have we learned? We know that Geoff has several phrases and gestures at his disposal which can be altered to suit a particular show or guest. We know he can make some guests nervous (Mindy Kaling) and flirt with others (Raquel Welch). And we know he wears his tie loosely, just like Craig. Who knows what week two will bring?

It’s not every day that Michael Clarke Duncan reads an excerpt from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s book. Was it just me or was that really fun?

Video Courtesy: malinky2stoatir

Friday Fact for baseball season: Craig’s 173,263 followers could fill Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles more than three times!

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes actress Busy Phillips, actor Kunal Nayyar and the incomparable Betty White. Said Craig this evening on the Tweetie: Betty White on the show tonight. Take that everybody else on tv.

Programming note: Broadcast of The Late Late Show (and The Late Show with David Letterman before it) will be delayed by 15 minutes tonight due to highlights of the Masters golf tournament.

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