Craig Ferguson was interviewed live online on the Kevin Pollack Chat Show on Sunday afternoon, drawing a crowd of more than 800 viewers including lots of roboskellies! If you didn’t get a chance to see it, it should be filed in the archive section of Kevin’s website within a few days. Thanks to RSA member Banana_Happy for the great screen captures!

Among the interesting points that came out during the interview, Kevin played role of Drew Carey’s boss “Mr. Bell” (almost always as a voice on a phone) during the first season of The Drew Carey Show. When the show’s producers wanted to expand the role and Kevin declined, they offered the part to others (including Hugh Laurie) before choosing Craig for what became his breakout role in America. How’s that for one degree of separation?

Also during the interview, they talked about Craig’s unique storytelling approach to his monologues, the writing staff for the show, Craig’s fear of flying and Kurt Russel’s role in getting him into flying lessons. They answered questions from the audience including RSA members SecretNakedHobo, Rayscomadtod, Colleen_Byrne and ReminduofAnyone.

For Kevin Pollak Chat Show newbies: The Kevin Pollak Chat Show is an internet-only interview show, hosted by actor/producer/comedian Kevin Pollak… yes, the guy from A Few Good Men and many, many more movies. He is excited about the potential of the internet for entertainment and started the show as a place to interview interesting actors, comedians and behind-the-scenes folks in Hollywood. As you can see from the archives, he has interviews lots of big-name people. The show itself is very loose… he chats with his producer offstage, jokes about the show and has lots of fun. The first several minutes of the show are usually just Kevin telling stories. Then after various notes and thank you’s, he introduces the guest for a long talk. Topics can be all over the map and the questions and answers are often quite unique for a talk show format. They take viewer questions on the show… including single questions, or sometimes a rapid-fire game called “Tweet 5” with five “this or that” kinds of questions like “paper or plastic”. And before the guest can leave, they have to play “The Larry King Game,” in which they have to do a bad Larry King impression, say something odd that Larry might say on the show and go to the phones… it helps if the city is funny-sounding. It will all make sense when you watch. When the show is archived, enjoy a candid/sometimes serious/sometimes funny/totally entertaining interview with Craig!

In December of 2009, Craig appeared on the Ellen show. There entire interview is contained here in one part… the “part 3/6” in the title refers to that day’s entire Ellen Episode.

Video courtesy: CheckUserAccount7

Here’s a look at the coming week’s guests on the Late Late Show: On Monday, Craig welcomes actress Mario Bello, author William Knoedelseder and actor Robert David Hall. On Tuesday, Craig chats with actress Valerie Bertinelli and Entourage actor Jerry Ferrara. Actress Julia Ormond will be on the show Wednesday, along with chef Jose Adres. On Thursday, watch for actress Lisa Kudrow and inventor James Dyson. And for Friday, Craig welcomes actor/comedian Tim Meadows and explorer Jean Michel Cousteau. Happy Father’s Day!

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