Craig may be tweeting a bit less for a while. Although he has penned several screenplays and two runaway bestselling books, his desire to write continues. He tweeted today: Am embarking on a writing project & will have to slow down on the tweety a little bit but I still love you all. Xxx What will his new project be? Stay tuned.

Birthday wishes to Malinky2Stoatir who enjoyed a tasty breakfast today: *knock-knock-knock* Special delivery! *Nomnomnom* Yummy cupcake for breakfast! I feel so sexay… And in reference to some Twittter-based pillow fights, beer pong tournaments and other revelry throughout the day, she added: I’m having a nice, relaxing birthday…THANKS for the kind wishes & pictures. The #RSA throws one hell of a volcanic shindig! #OLD

With Craig fresh back to the studio from another sellout weekend in Las Vegas, LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland replied to a tweet from an RSA member: @bgrhubarb What happens in Vegas…. will be discussed around my desk in the morning while consuming delicious snacks. Count on it. Craig returns to Las Vegas June 4 and 5.

Craig tweeted late this afternoon and included a nice picture: I know I said I wouldn’t tweet for a bit but I thought you’d like to see the Peabody award stuck on my ear.

Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper has clarified the story about the Canadian student who has been told he cannot wear a kilt to his high school graduation ceremony. It was not his family but a family friend who contacted the Late Late Show about his plight. The paper says the friend has not heard back. We’ll keep an eye on the story.

Craig is back with an all new Late Late Show tonight, with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor Ben Stein, comedian Craig Shoemaker and music by Mishka.

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