Craig performs in Cleveland, Ohio tonight after drawing big crowds near Pittsburgh on Saturday. Last night as he hopped on the bus, Craig tweeted: Rolling from Greensburg to Cleveland. V excited to be headed to the birthplace of America’s sweetheart @DrewFromTV Cleveland Rocks!

Craig has staying power not only on television and on stage but on the big screen as well. His film How To Train Your Dragon is number one at the box office in its fifth week of release.

Randy Kagan tweeted on board the bus: On our way to Cleveland. Watching the Lakers get spanked. And not in a good way.

He also sent along a photo of Craig with pen in hand: CF signing books. Cleveland.

Next stop on the tour is Monday night in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Michigan, then it’s back to Ohio for a show in Cincinnati on Tuesday. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the “rerun fairy” (as Malinky would say) visits on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week before new episodes of the Late Late Show return on Thursday.

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