Craig performs tonight at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio; sometimes called the Queen City (sounds like a party at Elton John’s house). Last night, he thanked his audience: V nice audience at the Palace Thestre. Thanks Detroitos? Detroitillvanians? Detroitstanis? And this morning credited his hotel with a nice meal: My what a scrumptious breakfast! Hats off to you Ritz Carlton Dearborn Michigan. And from the bus today, he sent this tweet: Dear All. I am aware I am tweeting my location. I am on tour & thought it appropriate. Thanks for your concern.

Thanks to RSA member fgtrpir for catching Randy Kagan’s latest pictures from the tour: Fun on the road! And thanks to the RSA’s jwilth who sent us these gems: First an article about the Toronto show from, followed by a fan-captured video of Craig’s closing number, complete with the now famous white pants:

Video courtesy: Scarysarey

Geekfest ahoy: On twitter today, Craig got into a discussion with G4’s Web Soup and podcast host Chris Hardwick, in which it appears both have agreed to appear on each other’s shows. Craig complimented Chris’ work: That young @nerdist fellow has the muppets on his podcast. I am envious of him & consistantly impressed by his zany comedy antics. To which Chris replied: YOU are a good man! & welcome on the podcast anytime. Now let’s rock the Midwest with Caucasian antics! (eat at Cracker Barrel) Then Craig humorously responded: Chris! I’ll do yours if you do mine. Then I’ll be on your show. And Chris added: It’s a deal! I think they call this “Hosts with Benefits”. You want in on some of this sweet action, @wilw? That last reference to @wilw is to Star Trek actor/writer/geek blogger extraordinaire Wil Wheaton, who noticed the conversation and asked: OMG. Did @CraigyFerg just invite you to be on his show?! and added: Don’t you DARE tease me when we’re talking about @CraigyFerg, Chris. So we may see and hear all of them on future shows.

Despite strong media interest during Craig’s tour of the Southeast in March, not much has been said about him on his April Midwest tour. We are aware of no radio or television interviews this week. Mentions of Craig in newspapers along the tour route have been mostly limited to listings in event calenders, apart from a short profile in Cincinnati’s alternative newspaper City Beat. If you spot an interview or other coverage in your city please use the form at the bottom of this page and let us know.

In the meantime, a Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper interview of comedian Eddie Izzard mentions Craig prominently and the Christian Science Monitor points to both Craig and Conan O’Brien’s initial reluctance and eventual acquiescence to the Twitter phenomenon in an article about Hugo Chavez.

Craig’s next stop on the stand up tour will be Fort Wayne, Indiana on Wednesday night.

On tonight’s “best of” edition of the Late Late Show, Craig talks with Actor Jay Baruchel about How To Train Your Dragon, plus talk show legend Regis Philbin and his wife and Joy sing.

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