Craig said in a tweet this afternoon that he fell from an amusement park ride in Vermont and apparently suffered some scrapes. His first tweet was: Fell off slide at amusement park in VT. Minor injuries. This must be how Fabio felt after being hit by a goose. Current mood- neosprorriny He re-tweeted a comment from @kgagne who asked: Would that have been the Alpine Slide at Bromley Mountain in Peru, VT? Never ride it with any skin exposed! And Craig replied: Now you tell me. Still I think I might have stumbled upon an effective form of tattoo removal. We hope Craig has been properly bandaged and cared for, so he’ll be ready for tomorrow night’s appearance in Connecticut.

The RSA’s own ProperAmtofSuck was in Boston for the Independence Day celebration on Sunday night and sent us some great pictures. One with a fireworks display…

One with a wider look at the area where the concert took place…

And one of Craig and Toby Keith on the stage. Thanks for sharing these with the RSA!

Yesterday, we passed along the Boston Herald’s thoughts on the holiday celebration. Today, the Boston Globe weighs in.

It’s day two of a week of encore (old) shows. Tonight’s Late Late Show reprises the May 13th, 2010 episode, featuring Robert Downey, Jr.

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