Craig started the show with Geoff last night, with a little green room conversation about confidence. I didn’t know Geraldo Rivera’s mustache was confident but you learn something new every day. It appears that Geoff has adopted Craig’s “loosened necktie” plan as well.

The Late Late Show’s own Rebecca Tucker was flipping through the pages of the Hollywood industry trade paper Variety this morning and spotted a nice ad from CBS congratulating Craig and the show for winning the Peabody Award.

Also from Rebecca, some big numbers from Monday’s #lollipoptheater Tweet-a-thon: the numbers are in:RSA TweetAThon raised $3128, got Lollipop1250 new followers & trended worldwide with a total of 36,774 mentions-AMAZING!

Let us add our congratulations to LipSyncingScot who worked very hard to rally support for weeks leading up to the Tweet-a-thon and all of the RSA members who tweeted up a storm on Monday to raise awareness of the Lollipop Theater. Once again the power of the Robot Skeleton Army is demonstrated. Great work!

For those on the far end of the geek scale, Grant Imahara was interviewed by Robot Magazine, covering some of the details of how Geoff Petersen was constructed. The article is due out in the July-August issue.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes timeless beauty Raquel Welch, last week’s displaced Anna Torv and comedian Brian Scott McFadden.

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