On tonight’s Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson will draw attention to the flooding situation in Nashville (along with large portions of Tennessee, Kentucky and elsewhere) and encourage viewers to donate to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts. Donations are welcomed at RedCross.org.

Craig talked with Scarlett Johansson a little be longer than planned on Wednesday night (who could have seen that coming?), so Seth MacFarlane will be on the show Friday night. Craig’s tweet: Seth McFarlane meant 2b 2nd guest 2nite after Scarlett Johanssen but I talked 2 long 2 her. He got bumped to 1st guest Fri. Everybody wins.

While Scarlett was adjusting his hairstyle on stage, Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker was tweeting about hair as well: HOT show tonight – scarlett johannson and craig’s new haircut hair does grow, people. Looks hot. As does Scarlett. I’m done talkin hair. Gets people all riled up. Show over, going to eat tacos.

Craig has added a matinee show at Carnegie Hall in New York, which he mentioned in a tweet today: Added matinee show @ Carnegie Hall on Oct 23. Evening show sold out & I don’t think it’s smart to piss off New Yorkers Needless to say, those tickets will go quickly. Buy early to avoid disappointment.

Sharp-eyed RSA member DJPheonyx spotted something fun. In a Mashable.com article about Google’s new look for its signature search engine pages, they had several screen captures to demonstrate the changes. As an example, they used the search word “volcano” to display some results… and sure enough, one of the volcano references on the left side of the page was about the #RSA ‘s “Hollowed Out Volcano”. Now that’s some great publicity.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes NCIS star Mark Harmon, actress Sophia Bush and music by Local Natives.

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  • uebergeek

    That Mashable hit is hilarious. Had been noticing for months that RSA had taken over the #RSA twitter hashtag, which must be perplexing to those who occasionally attempt to use it to discuss the encryption algorithm by the same acronym. Suspect next mission will be conquering those pesky High Occupancy Vehicle lanes in the quest for domination of HOV…