Craig was Chris Hardwick’s guest for the Nerdist podcast, recorded last night in Los Angeles. Rebecca Tucker tweeted pictures from last night’s taping: Nerd has never looked so good I prefer this one. Craig smiles, Chris looks unstable. The podcast is scheduled to be posted on the Nerdist site Monday. We’ll provide a link when it is up and running.

Since its beginnings in February, the Robot Skeleton Army has used the hashtag #RSA on Twitter, to help fellow roboskellies follow discussions of all things Craig and Late Late Show related. The tag is also used periodically by members of a security trade group, as well as to discuss a computer encryption algorithm. Because there are so many active members, the Robot Skeleton Army usually dominates any #RSA postings. However, with the World Cup now underway, several members have noticed that the flag of the Republic of South Africa now shows up when you hashtag #RSA. If you search of the tag today, you’ll see almost all of the discussions are related to soccer. Our esteemed general Malinky2Stoatir proposes using a temporary tag to distinguish us from the tournament. After taking an informal survey of options including CRS, ARS, and CFRSA, she discovered the preference seems to be #RSArmy. Here at RSA News, we will tag with #RSArmy during the World Cup.

Friday fact: The user names of @CraigyFerg ‘s 225,044 followers would fill a paperback book more than 900 pages long.

To finish the week on the Late Late Show, don’t miss comedian and one of Twitter’s newest celebrity posters Denis Leary, plus the unique comedy of John “Hippieman” Novosad. LLS Producer Michael Naidus tweeted this afternoon: Tonight: Denis Leary unleashed. Enjoy!

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