Craig was philosophical while riding the bus this morning. He tweeted his thoughts: On tourbus from Cleveland to Detroit on a rainy day When I was a kid I wanted to run off & join the circus. I suppose I did. Hooray.

Randy Kagan also sent some pictures last night: Me onstage after Cleveland. Dos Douches. He also added this: In case you are wondering, i read all your tweets.

Today’s Detroit Free Press has a brief mention of Craig’s show in the entertainment section. He will perform in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Michigan tonight and head for Cincinnati tomorrow.

Craig has become well known and appreciated for his monologues at the start of each Late Late Show and the slightly more off-color version in his standup act. If you’ve ever wondered about how Craig’s unique, conversational style developed, take a look at this short clip of his early 90’s television show in Britain called The Ferguson Theory. If you listen carefully, you hear the beginnings of some of the cadence, phrases and quirks that have become so familiar to us each night.

Video courtesy: thesweatersong

On television in tonight’s “classic” edition of the Late Late Show, enjoy a rebroadcast of the March 24th show featuring Actor Jonah Hill, actress Emily Procter and the debut of the “loosened necktie” look.

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