Craig’s new film, How To Train Your Dragon, opens in theaters across the country today. There are 3D and IMAX-3D versions of the movie based on the popular children’s book by Cressida Cowell, who has a husband named Simon but not the one from American Idol.

The RSA’s own LipSyncingScot and friends have posted a new trailer promoting the #lollipoptheater Tweet-a-thon on April 5th and reminding members to check out where registering for Lollipop Theater could help raise $25,000 for the cause.

Thanks to RSA member DJPheonyx for this tip: Craig is on Entertainment Weekly‘s list of potential hosts for Saturday Night Live. Because of the CBS/NBC network rivalry, it may not happen but it sure would be fun. On the other hand, perhaps Craig might want to exact some revenge after the “lazy bones” incident… or perhaps that was a clever ploy to entice him onto the show. The plot thickens.

Randy Kagan tweeted a shot of himself backstage and gives us a look inside last week’s tour bus: Me backstage at a CF show. And inside our magic bus.

Due to NCAA basketball, tonight’s episode of the Late Late Show may be pre-empted in some markets. For those who can see it “in your region”, tonight’s rebroadcast of the February 17th show features a cameo from Jerry Springer and a conversation with actress Helena Bonham Carter.

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