Craigy is swimming with the sharks this weekend, quite literally. He tweets: A 12 ft hammerhead shark swam by me today. Yet another reason I’m glad not to be a grouper. Sharks FTW.

Meanwhile, his assistant Rebecca Tucker is chronicling the dives for us: First dive day! Practicing no loss of limbs and no vomiting = successful first day of taping shark show! Craig underwater, sharks around boat. This is insane! Taking fish head down to lure more sharks to craig. I would not want the job of bait carrier First dive with the sharks is finished and he is in one piece! Hooray!

Craig’s standup comedy pal Randy Kagan is chiming in with a string of tweets:

Right now my boss is swimming with sharks. I’m going to give Fallon a call just in case.

What kind of wine goes with Late Late show host?

I’m warning the sharks, he’s a liitle gamey.

I never swam with a shark. I did bathe with a blow fish.

They smell blood. Oh God! I hope he’s not on his period!

I got hammer head once. Couldn’t walk for a week. Yet i could skip.

I am not with Craig. The ocean is too salty, wet and full of sea men. Salty, wet, full of sea men. Remind you of anyone?

The Late Late Show with Randy Kagan does have a nice ring to it. Hmmm. Glad I slipped sardine cologne into his luggage.

And back in Los Angeles, LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland is jealous: Is very VERY jealous that @rebtuck is out on a boat. Not to mention seeing @CraigyFerg dive with sharks!!! IN THE EFFING BAHAMAS!!!!

Today is Independence Day in Madagascar, so please feel free to bask in my glow, giant pansies.

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