The Discovery Channel has a new slideshow showing behind the scenes glimpses of Grant Imahara building Geoff Petersen and Geoff’s debut on the Late Late Show. There’s even a picture of the remote control device Craig uses to control Geoff (take that, puppets).

Geoff Petersen has been on the Late Late Show for a few days now and even though he made Mindy Kaling nervous, he seems to be settling in to the routine of the show. Craig tweeted last night: I thought Geoff was pretty good on the show tonight but I’m hoping he’ll soon settle down and be crap & then he’ll fit right in. Don’t forget Craig, that’s Peabody Award-winning crap.

He also tweeted this after last night’s taping (shh!) I read the tweets of @DirkWeems to clear my sinuses.
We’ve been keeping an eye on Dirk Weems tweets. While he tweets infrequently, some of them are gems like today’s installment: I’m free! Judge gave 90 hrs community service doing massages @ homeless shelter & told me to look up “Irony.” No way: I’m done w/ hookers.

Tonight’s guests on the show are ghost whispering actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, author Stuart Neville and country singer/songwriter Trace Adkins.

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