Does he or doesn’t he? The question has been bandied about on Twitter for a few days… does Craig dye his hair? Back when his run on the Late Late Show began, CBS asked him to dye his hair but the result was what Craig called “creepy”. Since then, he has allowed it be natural, complete with gray. Sometimes the lighting in the studio makes it look a little different but Craig himself gave the definitive answer on the Tweety last night: Just so we are all on the same page. I do NOT dye my hair….on my head anyway. Pubes = dayglo orange. Punk rock privates.

Reminder: On Sunday, Craig will appear live online on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show at 6pm ET/3pm PT. The loose, unscripted interview show usually runs 90 minutes to two hours, starting with several minutes of introductory comments from Kevin (who this weekend will be fresh off a week-long comedy tour of Canada), followed by the guest interview. Along the way, they may play a twitter game or two and Craig will be asked to do a bad Larry King impression… all part of the fun of the show. The Kevin Pollak Chat Show can be seen on Kevin’s website or directly on UStream.

The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick is pretty excited to be on tonight’s Late Late Show: Thrilled beyond human comprehension to be doing Late Late Show w/ @CraigyFerg tonight! Tune in to that business! And it is a busy day at Television City, according to LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland: Jam packed day today! Must be at the top of my game. Using caffeine and winning smile to accomplish this. While Andrea smiles, Rebecca Tucker is lamenting the state of her diet today: Intern Adam forced me to break my Bahamas diet by suprising the staff with Bob’s Donuts!

Craig’s guests on tonight’s Late Late Show are actress Virginia Madsen, host of the Nerdist podcast Chris Hardwick and Scottish musician Justin Currie. Saffron Burrows was scheduled last night but disappeared. The LLS “guest black hole” must have been at work again.

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  • wolf-spirit16

    (This is @_WolfSpirit)

    Craig tweeted about not dying his hair. Right after I tagged him a few times in a discussion about it. I checked and there was no hair or dye talk at all, tagged at least, None then or weeelll before that. Just my tags of him.

    Me and those who I was talking to may have been the send off of that tweet.

    Needless to say I freaked totally out.

    For the record. I didn't think it was dyed. Just looked darker almost brown, recently. (Tonight it was salt-n-peppery again. Musta turned on another light bulb)