Entertainment Weekly got a kick out of Neil Patrick Harris’ appearance on the Late Late Show and his joke Silly Bands.

Shark Week begins on Sunday, August 1st and Craig’s big day is Wednesday, August 4th at 10pm ET (check local listings for the time in your region). The Los Angeles Times blog has a preview.

Craig tweeted this afternoon: Just saw the promo @jimmyfallon & I made for shark week. Jimmy is awesome. Best. Acting. Ever. #latenightwarisanoutofdateconcept We can’t wait to see it! Craig also tweeted yesterday: Manhugs to @jimmyfallon. He knows why. Doing promos must be satisfying work.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker let us know about an interview coming on Monday, for those who are early risers: Watch The Early Show on Monday for Craig’s Shark Week interview with Julie Chen! #RSA #craigferguson #SharkWeek The Early Show airs on CBS between 7-9am local time in most cities across the country.

Neil Patrick Harris was originally scheduled to appear on tonight’s show but showed up last night. Tonight’s lineup now includes Mary Lynn Rajskub and actor Christopher Gorham.

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