The first sneak preview of Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick didn’t disappoint! Grant Imahara gave us a look inside his mad scientist’s laboratory last night and the sidekick is taking shape:

Video courtesy: Malinky2Stoatir

A special guest will make a return appearance tonight, tweets Craig: Lovely Eddie Izzard making a secret surprise visit to the LLS tomorrow so don’t tell anyone. He will help me with the email & tweets

Craig also tweeted last night about technical problems with the CBS feed of the show to the eastern and central time zones: Tech glitch caused video fuck ups on show broadcast tonight. Hope the network fixes it in time for Harry Smiths live asscam. CBS cares.

Craig’s producer answered a question from loyal RSA member @Mrs_Nigel_Wick earlier today, that perhaps others have wondered. She had asked about whether it was better so send tweets or e-mails to be considered for Craig to read on the show. He responded by saying either one works: all tweets and emails end up in the same place for review … take your pick.

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