Geoff Petersen arrived in style on the Late Late Show, commenting during the monologue and chatting with Craig at the desk. Grant Imahara truly outdid himself putting together the perfect robot skeleton sidekick.

In case you missed the conversation, check it out here:

Video courtesy: Malinky2Stoatir

RSA member ArtemusRex spotted that Geoff Petersen was trending as high as #4 on Twitter last night. Art also drew our attention to two articles talking about Geoff, the first from, complete with Grant’s drawings and the second from National Public Radio’s Monkey See page which goes into detail about Geoff’s beginnings.

Craig tweeted today that in true technological fashion, Geoff is already getting upgrades: Robot Skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen downloading upgrades. Responding well. Already demading a latte

RSA member LANewscast (a certain LA radio newscaster) got an insider look, posing with her husband, Geoff and Grant backstage last night.

Kristen Bell was her delightful self, capping off a great show after the dramatic NCAA men’s basketball championship on Monday night (the women’s championship is tonight).

Some sad news was sent our way by RSA member chatmaker, who noted that actor Corin Redgrave, brother of actors Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave as well as father of actress Jemma Redgrave who appeared in Craig’s movie I’ll Be There, passed away at age 70. Our thoughts are with Jemma and her family.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes actress Mindy Kaling and legendary comic Dom Irrera.

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  • Tor Hershman

    Howdy do, RSA, Say, if'in you'd dig seein' the original (as far as moi knows) Skeleton Robot (With a mohawk [Rattles McSmash]) head on over to moi's blog and see Rattles, and his sidekick Blip-Z, battle Atomic Toad Master of Mars.