Geoff Petersen gave a new twist to the sidekick role last night, when he barked like a dog in response to Craig’s assertion that sometimes his thoughts are so high [pitched] that only dogs can hear them. Geoff also meowed at a Heidi Montag joke, providing equal time.

Television advertisers are interested in the ages of a program’s viewers, which helps them decide where to run their ads. In a short article this week, New York Magazine highlighted the median ages of the late night talk shows. The Late Late Show seems to be in the middle of the pack, although we suspect the median robot skeleton army member may be a bit younger as they focus their attention on the googly-web, the face-tube and the tweety. Thankfully, Craig appeals to all age groups.

The big buzz on the set of the Late Late Show today is apparently “shrimp chips”. Craig’s able assistant Rebecca Tucker questioned her decision to try them: sort of regretting my breakfast combo of watermelon and shrimp chips However, Late Late Show assistant producer Andrea Wayland likes them: I have just been introduced to a delicious thing called a Shrimp Chip. Do you guys know about these?! HOLY CRAP they are good. Shrimp Chip details: puffy (think pork rind) flavored like shrimp and melts in your mouth. Not greasy and size of large tortilla chip. YUM! We’ll have to check the snack aisle at our local grocery store.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Craig’s guests tonight are the always adorable Andie MacDowell, who will be promoting her movie “At Risk”, which debuts on Lifetime this Saturday and Scottish-born racing driver (and husband of actress Ashley Judd) Dario Franchitti, who finished third in last weekend’s Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

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