A good time was had by all during Craig’s latest trip to Las Vegas, despite temperatures well over 100 degrees. To beat the heat, RSA members LolLioness and Colleen_Byrne decided to brave the mean streets of Vegas for some Luv-It Frozen Custard. Colleen plans to send us more details of her trip tomorrow. Several RSA members had a chance to see Craig perform live this weekend and many are still making their way home. We’re hoping for some more stories and pictures that we can share you.

Craig’s opening act, comedian Randy Kagan, tweeted: Vegas was great. The boss says we’ll be back! http://yfrog.com/3v8rij We’ll let you know when additional Vegas dates are confirmed. As for what Randy’s picture is, we’ll leave that your imagination. Craig’s next live stand up tour begins in July on the East Coast. Meanwhile, he’s back to Los Angeles for another week of all new episodes of the Late Late Show.

Entertainment Weekly profiled Craig a few years ago. It’s fun to see what they were saying about him back then.

Clarification: RSA member bgrhubarb points out that participles may not always be what they seem. Yesterday, we quoted a tweet from professional poker player Phil Hellmuth stating: “…at the Golden Nugget. Out of 2-7 tournament, saw Craig Ferguson w wife. Having a drink. We assumed (because of the period in the sentence after the word wife) that Phil meant that he saw Craig with his wife Megan at some point during the evening. However, it is possible that Phil meant that he was with his own wife Katherine at the time he spotted Craig. The only thing we know for sure is that Craig wasn’t having a drink. We weren’t there, so we’re not sure whose wife was involved. And member uebergeek2 added that it’s possible Phil meant that he and his wife went to see Craig’s show after being ousted from the 2-7 tournament, rather than seeing him on the street (perhaps the most likely scenario). This is why collective intelligence is superior when interpreting life 140 characters at a time. As they say in Star Trek. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig’s guests will be Monty Python legend Eric Idle and NFL star turned actor Terry Crewes.

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