Grant Imahara, Mythbuster and robot skeleton sidekick genius, has been hearing about some of the stops and starts experienced by Geoff Petersen during the show in the past couple of weeks. His response last night: Today I confirmed that Geoff Peterson is not glitching. Apparently, he’s just doing that to annoy @CraigyFerg

Craig met with Nerdist guru Chris Hardwick on Monday and tweeted about it: Coffee with @nerdist this morning. What a charming young fellow he is. Also he paid. It felt like he was me & I was Regis. Nice jab at the notoriously cheap Regis, there Craig.

Later, he reminded us about his book: My autobiography(American on Purpose) comes out in paperback tomorrow. I still haven’t read it. Tomorrow being today: Tuesday, May 11. Also available for your Kindle-y thing. Many RSA members tell us they are particularly fond of the audiobook version, available on CD or iTunes because they get to hear the words in Craig’s own voice.

RSA member Banana_Happy tells us that some of the gang will be trying to trend #HappyBirthdayCraigy on Craig’s birthday – Monday, May 17. If enough people do it, you never know what might happen!

On tonight’s Late Late Show, Craig welcomes CSI:NY actress Melina Kanakaredes, Reno 911 actor/comedian Tom Lennon and music by Jónsi.

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