Grant Imahara sent a tweet to Craig this morning, asking for a nickname for the robot skeleton sidekick: @craigferguson robo skelly sidekick, “Geoff Peterson” too formal. Been calling him “FergBot” do u like this nickname? Other ideas?

Craig responded with some suggestions: @grantimahara Im kinda thinking he needs a formal name for the show but maybe his close friends call him P-Funk or Skelldiddy

Grant came back with this: @CraigyFerg It’s just that he’s… resisting being called Geoff. Perhaps an adjustment of the Emoticon chip?

RSA members are already chiming in with possible names for Craig’s sidekick. Do you have any ideas? Join the discussion on Twitter!

Some of the good ones:

“@CraigyFerg How about Bones as the name for your robot skeleton sidekick? #robotskeletonarmy” /via @orcahome”

“@[email protected]
Gen. Geoff Peterson? He should have some kind of military rank since he’s the leader of the RSA(RobotSkeletonArmy)” /via @ferdonkers

“@CraigyFerg Hey bout “Cheekybot” or if ya prefer just “Cheeky” fer short? The “army” needs a proper “Masterbot” salute” /via @elfunrok

“@CraigyFerg @CraigyFerg “Androgynoid – The Flaming Robot Skeleton” “Andy” to his friends” /via @claymorrissey

“@CraigyFerg as your sidekick is he not the leader of the RSA? General Bones or Colonel Craftwerk, something along those lines.” /via @jedkcanderson

“@grantimahara how about “Tronto” for @CraigyFerg robosidekick?” /via @2jase

“@CraigyFerg How ’bouts Billy Bot Thorntongue?” /via @sweetenedtaters

“RT @g253: @CraigyFerg & @grantimahara How bout calling him Asmodeus? Goes well with the “Ass Mode” thing, and it’s apparently the demon of lust. Cool!” /via @phobos8

“@CraigyFerg Name suggestion: Awesome Robot Skeleton Sidekick -> ARSS. Pronounce it how you like :)” /via @finkyhead

“A formal name for the show? I propose “Cal C. IM” (California C.raig IMahara) @craigyFerg @grantimahara #RobotSkeletonArmy #CraigFerguson” /via @wavyferg

“A formal name for the show? I propose “Cal C. IM” (California C.raig IMahara) @craigyFerg @grantimahara #RobotSkeletonArmy #CraigFerguson” /via @wavyferg

Later in the morning, Grant tweeted this: grantimahara @CraigyFerg Most popular names so far: FergBot, FergyBot, ScotBot, FerguTron and Skelly. Tho AssMode(?) and Sparky Bonester are gaining…

And still more suggestions: “@grantimahara @craigyferg
Fergalicious Skel-O-Bot” /via @Lintygoodness

“@grantimahara @CraigyFerg Robot skeleton sidekick shall be called R2CRAIG2” /via @M3Mark

“@CraigyFerg Robo Skelly should be called “Conan”” /via @rahuck

“@grantimahara How about Issac Assimode? After the famed SF author?” /via @SexySongShow

Then a very good point: “@grantimahara @craigyferg PS — this is why you never let the kids name the puppy.” /via @Esmertina

And finally, a name for the cat at the end of the show: “@CraigyFerg New name for ¿Qué aprendimos en el programa Señor Craig?? pussy cat …….. #AwkwardPaws!!” /via @NiffyNaffyNoo

Update: The robot skeleton sidekick name debate seems to be officially over. In Thursday’s cold open, Craig told his followers to get their own robot skeleton if they want to name something. Fair enough, fearless leader. Geoff Petersen it is.

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