He is likely to be the hit of ComicCon, as Rebecca Tucker tweeted: Geoff takes a road trip http://twitpic.com/25whek That’s right, the one and only Geoff Petersen is headed for his appearance in San Diego. If any other roboskellies are there, pictures and stories are always welcome!

The San Jose Mercury News has discovered Craig and is encouraging readers to watch.

Back in January of 2007, Craig was a guest on the National Public Radio quiz show “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”, playing their celebrity ‘Not My Job’ game. That show was rebroadcast on NPR last weekend. In case you missed it, here’s the link.

More baby names! Some are really nice, some are funny. All are interesting!

@StarstruckCanuk – Patrick is actually nice for a boy, Grace for a girl
@soulheart69 – Baby girl name: Ashly. Boy name: Greg/ Geoff/ Walter
@nonnypart2 – Alasdair
@DenverDjinn – Ainsleigh Birk-boy, Kailin Aileen-girl, Kenzie Braden-either
@LVJLucyCat – Jon Pertwee Freguson
@beckster52 – Alexandria Janet Ferguson, Whiskey Pete Ferguson, Tater Tots Ferguson
@Twobit333 – One of the names Craig used to dance under!

As for the hashtag, the poll seems to show that #BabyFerg is the preferred alternative, so tag away RSA’ers, any time you’re talking about the new addition to the Ferguson family.

#BabyFerg 81%
#CongratsCraig 13%
#BabyFerguson 0%
#BabyCraigan 6%

Today is Wrong Way Corrigan Day, named for a pilot with an unusual story. He wanted to follow Charles Lindbergh with another solo flight across the Atlantic but was told his airplane was unsuitable. He then set off from the Brooklyn, NY on what he said was a planned return trip to California but ended up in Ireland.

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