His chattiness has been a tweeting machine today, after a few days of being chided for neglecting his “needy tweeters”. Sending this picture, Craig mentioned his travels:

ridin on big Florida bridges. Btw Big Florida Bridges was the name I danced under.

Earlier in the day, he sent this interesting observation: Had bad dreams & woke in a flop sweat at an ungodly hour a cheesy hotel in Florida. & that’s without drinking. Happy Paddys Day everybody

He followed that with: Hah. Coffee has banished my nightmares to the land of wind & ghosts but there’s a price. I’m all peepy & jittery like a guilty hamster.

Meanwhile, Randy Kagan bemoaned the age of the surrounding crowd: Lots of geazers in our hotel. We’re heading over to Leisure World to find some young folks. Oy!

Tonight, after a 270-mile jaunt across the Sunshine State, Craig wraps up his March tour at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida near Tampa. Then he heads back home to Los Angeles to prepare for fresh, shiny new television shows beginning Monday night.

Just as Craig has been helping good causes in the Los Angeles area, his talented sister Lynn Ferguson has been lending her name to a cause back in their home country. A historic building near Glasgow in the area where they grew up is in danger of falling into disrepair. Originally built in 1731, Cumbernauld House was at one time owned by a local government entity, which then sold it to a private organization. According to a website offering the house for sale, its current owners are in receivership (a form of bankruptcy). Now a petition is being circulated, asking either the local government or the Scottish national government to take over and preserve the house. A newspaper article about the house describes the current situation. There is also a facebook page, a brief video history of the building and a longer homemade video tour of the grounds and exterior. The electronic version of the petition can be found here. Lynn has been tweeting to her followers, asking them to sign the petition, which now has more than a thousand signatures. Thanks to RSA member @ScottishConan for the story idea and helpful links.

Re-runs continue on CBS this week while Craig is on the road. In a rebroadcast of March 3rd’s LLS (it seems like only yesterday), Craig welcomes the inimitable Michael Sheen and the inestimable Amy Ryan… curiously, both at the same time.

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