In a tweet made shortly after today’s taping of the Late Late Show (shh… knock it off!), our fearless leader told us about an update on Geoff Petersen, the robot skeleton sidekick: Skeletons Ho! ( also the name of a movie etc) Geoff Petersen update on the show tonight.

However, the tweet disappeared from his timeline shortly afterward. It was followed by a tweet that read: My tweets are dissappearing. Maybe it’s the steroids.

We’ll have to wait and see if the update appears tonight. In the meantime, the official debut of the sidekick is still a couple of weeks away on April 5th but excitement is already building inside the hollowed-out volcano.

There is still some uncertainty about the spelling of Geoff’s last name. Curiously, Geoff (not Jeff) has been clear from the start. But in Craig’s tweets, the last name has been spelled both Peterson with an “o” and Petersen with an “e”. We’ve opted for the “e” spelling here in the RSA News because the most recent tweets have used that spelling. Also, the “e” spelling is more Swedish and the “o” spelling is more Norwegian… not sure if that makes a difference but there you are. Some RSA members including @Fanny57 have tweeted Craig to ask for a ruling. We’ll keep you posted.

Craig spoke more in-depth in today’s Toronto Sun newspaper about his role in late night television, hinting about possible changes for the show and for himself. He echoed comments from earlier reports that he doesn’t want to be considered a late night talk show host. He also alluded that larger changes may be in store for the Late Late Show both cosmetically, such as his suits and the traditional talk show desk and in production, including further tinkering with the monologue/sketch/interview format. And after saying many times on the show that he no longer considered himself an actor now that he hosts a late night show, he reflected on his How To Train Your Dragon experience in the article and opened the door to more acting in the future.

Wolfgang Puck was replaced on last night’s LLS by Miami Medical actress Lana Parrilla. There’s no word on when Wolfgang will return but he has been a regular guest. Tonight, the How To Train Your Dragon buildup continues as Craig welcomes actor Jay Baruchel, along with legendary television personality Regis Philbin.

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