It all began back on February 8th, 2010 when Craig Ferguson announced (after months of insisting Twitter wasn’t for him) that he had joined the microblogging community with the user name @CraigyFerg. Not long afterward, he began to refer to his followers as his “Robot Skeleton Army”, and urged them to join him in his hollowed-out volcano to await instructions. The Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor and Entertainment Weekly have taken note of Craig’s plan.

Since then, Craig has quickly amassed thousands of followers and delighted them with off-the-wall tweets. National Public Radio has blogged about his latest scheme to get a robot sidekick.

Craig’s tweets are an off-air parallel to his on-air persona; smart, honest, occasionally profane and most importantly, funny. To join the Robot Skeleton Army, just follow @CraigyFerg

Video courtesy: CBS

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