Even if it’s April Fool’s Day, there is a celebratory mood in the air. Craig tweeted: I received a chocolate cake from @jimmyfallon because I won the Peabody. He is a god among men. Late night wars my ass. I tried the @jimmyfallon chocolate cake on the interns. They seem fine.

Meanwhile, accolades continue to pour in about the Peabody Award presented to the Late Late Show. The awards ceremony will be on Craig’s birthday, May 17th. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly summed up the feelings of many in his column yesterday. And Tucker added more today, including a brief interview with Craig.

Grant Imahara says he has finished working on the software for Geoff Petersen, just a few days ahead of the sidekick’s debut on the LLS: Good morning! Amazing that I am awake, considering I finished robot skeleton Geoff’s software around midnight yesterday…

More good news for Craig! Thanks to RSA member DJPheonyx for passing along this link: The Late Late Show had higher ratings than Late Night with Jimmy Fallon during the first quarter of 2010, which is the first time that has happened. CBS made the announcement this morning here.

It seems, roboskelly faithful, that what appeared to be a looming war with Stan Lee’s POW! Brigade has settled into a quiet and uneasy peace. Stan wrapped up the saga last night on Twitter: Many Brigadiers have begged me to reconsider launching a massive attack against the Skeleton Army of CraigyFerg. This is my reply—Despite the awesome might of our 50,000 combat-ready Brigadiers, your Generalissimo believes in tempering power with mercy. I shall order my personal adjutant to draw up a binding Non-Aggression Pact for submission to the savage forces of CraigyFerg. If the document I present is signed by the leader of CraigyFerg and if our own High Command approves, there may yet be– Peace In OurTime Our Non-Aggression Pact has been dispatched to the enemy! Whate’er his response, we stand at the ready! Tis in the lap of the gods! Obviously overwhelmed by the notion of facing 50,000 brave Brigadiers in battle, the Robot Skeleton army requests a cease fire! The crisis hath passed. The skeletal army of CraigyFerg hath left the field of battle. From sea to shining sea the people rejoice! War hath been averted! But ne’er relax thy vigilance! And know ye this– thy Generalissimo is proud of his brave Brigadiers! Excelsior

There’s a touch of the poet in Stan… in a Prince Valiant sort of way.

Craig mentioned last night that Anna Torv has been rescheduled for next Friday, April 9.

On tonight’s Late Late Show, a contrast of epic proportions: Craig’s guests are the inimitable, hilarious and frantic Robin Williams, followed by moral philosopher Jonathan Dancy who came to Craig’s attention in a conversation with Dancy’s daughter-in-law, actress Claire Daines… about 35 seconds into the clip.

Video courtesy: malinky2stoatir

Not only will we get comedy but a discussion of moral particularism. It should be an interesting night. Friday’s guests are John Corbett and Joss Stone.

Note: RSA_News will be taking a break for the Easter holiday weekend… no blog posts are planned for Friday, Saturday or Sunday unless something big happens. Then on Monday, the big day arrives with guests Kristen Bell, Grant Imahara and Geoff Petersen. Until then, enjoy your holiday.

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