It seems that the possibility of war between Stan Lee’s POW! Brigade and Craig Ferguson’s Robot Skeleton Army is once again darkening the Twitterverse. In a series of tweets Wednesday evening, Stan once again raised the specter of conflict between the two groups, after he returned from speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas: Be at ease, my brave Brigadiers! Your beloved Generalissimo is back, unscathed, from the field of battle which is Las Vegas! I have tales, both sordid and shocking, to tell from The City That Never Sleeps, because a well-informed Brigade is a mighty Brigade! Amazed was I to learn that I’d share the stage at the National Association of Broadcasters with Chris Hardwick—a CraigyFerg loyalist! Imagine my dismay when I learned that Chris is friendly with Olivia Munn, which means she too may have gone over to the dark side! The final blow was learning that CraigyFerg (I will not publicize his actual name) had never been informed that we were on the brink of war! What manner of militia ignores its leader while on the road to annihilation? Now, instead of hostility I feel sorrow for CraigyFerg Though we had once been battlefield foes, I—with a heart as big as all outdoors—now reach out to CraigyFerg and offer him– forgiveness. If he accepts my generous terms, I shall grant CraigyFerg—and his misguided skeletal warriors—full and complete amnesty. He has 48 hours to respond. Failure to do so will subject him to the wrath and the rage of 50,000 fearless Brigadiers! Stand ye at the ready, my valiant ones. Whate’er the gods may decree, we shall be true to our trust, to our mission, to our noble destiny No skeleton rabble can long endure ‘gainst those who fight for right and freedom. In this day of reckoning, we shall not be found wanting! Man then thy posts, my brave Brigadiers, secure in the knowledge that thy beloved Generalissimo is ever at thy side! Excelsior!

For his part, Craig has not yet responded. But as was reported in the RSA News on March 30th, it was Craig who offered an olive branch the last time conflict was brewing when he said: I will engage @smilinstanlee in double plus secret peace talks tomorrow. Perhaps an alliance can be forged. Gnite Skell – u – trons. As we reported on April 1st, war was averted and the POW! Brigade stood down.

Will Craig turn the other cheek once again? Will Stan Lee’s forces end what appears to be a carefully choreographed game of brinksmanship? We’ll keep you up to date the deadline approaches.

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