It turned out to be the wave that wasn’t, at least for the Eastern and Central time zones. Lots of careful planning went into the timing, so Jimmy Fallon on Late Night could wave to Craig wearing oversized (not) Mickey Mouse hands (for copyright reasons) on the Late Late Show and Craig could wave back.
But the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals got in the way. The New York Times explains what happened. The ever resourceful Ken Tucker at Entertainment Weekly has the essential video clips in case you missed them (in your region).

The Mountain and Pacific time zones got the full effect… and the rest of the country could at least see each wave, even if the timing didn’t work out. Craig congratulated Jimmy for the gesture: Big ups to my new BFF @jimmyfallon for spreading the love with the glove. Fuck the haters Jimmy. And Jimmy’s tweet was simple: I’m a glover not a fighter.

Rebecca Tucker reminds us not to forget the Nerdist podcast. Craig sits down with host Chris Hardwick at 8:30pm: Nerdist podcast tonight at Largo! No joke, last time I peed my pants from laughing so hard. I expect good things from tonight’s guest. UPDATE: The podcast should be available for download early next week. RSA member sjump54 gave us the details: Nerdist podcasts aren’t streamed live. They are usually uploaded Mon or Tues of the following week. At ITunes or

Voice actor Josh Robert Thompson, voice of robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen, also tweeted today: Just recorded some really funny Morgan Freeman stuff for “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”! Stay tuned…

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes back chef Wolfgang Puck and enjoys the music of reggae/rap duo Damian Marley & Nas.

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