It’s all about Twitter in today’s RSA News. Birthday wishes continued to pour in to Craig last night and this morning. One exchange was particularly amusing:

Craig tweeted: @thomaslennon usually jumps out of a cake in my driveway on my birthday but he didn’t show this year. At least Fabio made it.

Thomas Lennon, the actor who plays Lt. Dangle on Reno 911 sent this: About to pop out of a cake in the driveway of birthday boy @CraigyFerg. Hope it’s the right house.

Twitter user and big Star Trek fan Charles Trotter then said: @thomaslennon just popped out of a cake in my driveway wearing nothing but chaps. wtf? Does Google Earth still have my house listed as @craigyferg‘s? We’re on opposite coasts, you’d think they’d get it right!

To which Lennon responded: Whoops. Thanks Google Earth.

Then actress Nia Vardalos chimed in: Where can I order this cake?

And Trotter responded: If @thomaslennon keeps using Google Earth to find @craigyferg, he’s bound to end up at your place eventually. 🙂

Craig also re-tweeted birthday greetings from Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist: Happy Birthday @CraigyFerg! You’re a fine gent and I hope you had a kick-ass day.

Today, Craig tweeted this: In Disney Studio B in Burbank recording Owl’s song for next years Wnnie the Pooh movie. What a hoot! We’ve talked about Craig’s role in the Winnie the Pooh movie here, which comes out next year.

The Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara who built robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen continues to worry about robot skeletons taking over the world. Last night, he tweeted another possible sign: Apparently, it all begins with office machines…

And Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker tweeted about yesterday’s festivities at the studio: note to self: do not start a diet on boss’ birthday. unless the diet includes lots of cookies. Glad to hear Craig’s birthday was celebrated in style!

Many members of the RSA were tweeting like mad yesterday, hoping to get #happybirthdaycraigy to trend on Twitter. Although it did not appear to trend worldwide (through briefly in Canada as RSA member Banana_Happy spotted), the hashtag was tweeted more than 6700 times in 36 hours. Trending gurus tell us it’s not always the number of times a tag is tweeted that makes it trend, but rather the number of users tweeting it in a short period of time. Those 6700 #happybirthdaycraigy tweets came from fewer than 450 of Craig’s 198,735 followers, when often more than a thousand are needed. If all 450 people who tweeted yesterday get a couple of friends to help next time and focus on a specific hour or two during the day, chances of a trend will be much improved. It goes to show just how widespread and tenacious those Justin Bieber fans are.

It’s back to all new shows for the rest of the week. Tonight, Craig welcomes actor/writer/director Jon Favreau and musician Jakob Dylan to the Late Late Show. Producer Michael Naidus’ tweet: 106 characters on the show: Jon Favreau and Craig reminisce about working on a movie together. (Spoiler alert: they never worked together.)

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