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It’s a been a big couple of weeks of interviews for Craig Ferguson, in the Southeast during his most recent standup comedy tour and across the country talking about his movie, How To Train Your Dragon, which finished the weekend number one at the box office. He goes into more detail about his life as a late night host, in an interview with

A few people have been asking Grant Imahara if we could see some updated photos of Geoff Petersen, the robot skeleton sidekick. But his reply shows that we’ll have to wait for the official debut on the Late Late Show: Sorry #RSA peeps, but we are on media blackout. No pics of the robot until unveiling on April 5 on LateLate Show with @Craigyferg!!

Craig’s sister Lynn continues to tweet about the fight to save Cumbernauld House, a historic mansion in the area where she and Craig grew up. She re-tweeted a message today, reminding people of the facebook page for the house: RT @Stephen_OConnor: @lynnfergy hi Lynn, can you tweet the link for the facebook page? it’s thanks x

Craig himself tweeted this afternoon, talking about the show: @joelmchale on the show tonight. I am as excited as a midget on crack.

Joel’s comment: Going to be a guest on @CraigyFerg tonight. I’m as excited as little school girl!

Along with McHale,host of E!’s “The Soup”, actor Ben McKenzie will also be on tonight’s all new Late Late Show.

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