It’s been a few days of “all Geoff Petersen, all the time” but it should be quieting down now that he has returned from ComicCon. RSA member Roger Freedman tweeted the autographed photo of Craig and Geoff that was available at the CBS booth: Official photo of Geoff Peterson & @craigyferg given away at CBS booth at #sdcc #RSA

After Geoff talked on the show last night about getting his “nuts tightened” by Grant at Comic-Con, Grant tweeted to Craig: @CraigyFerg I also tweaked his code…

Josh Robert Thompson sent an interesting tweet this afternoon: Donning the ‘Ahnuld’ make-up and muscle suit today. Stay tuned… #CraigFerguson #LLS #RSA
We’ll have to watch tonight to see what that’s all about.

Meanwhile, Craig is having fun: Just finished voice over on my shark week special “Shark Bites – Adventures in Shark Week” Airs 10pm Aug 4.on @discovery #gladiwasntbited

When you buy Robot Skeleton gear from the RSA Shop, all proceeds go to charity. Our friend Colleen_Byrne tells us the most recent donation of $1,314 went to the Lollipop Theater Network (one of Craig’s favorite charities), bringing total charitable donations since February 15th to $2455. Next month’s charity will be the USO. Some of you may have heard that the original Sid the cussing rabbit design using Sid’s picture was not allowed by the folks at CafePress… but roboskelly artist jessnormal has created a new version of the Sid design.

Actor Morgan Freeman returns to the Late Late Show tonight, followed by the music of The Black Keys.

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