It’s been a marathon for Craig over the last few weeks with his regular job on television, a standup comedy tour and lots of publicity for his new film How To Train Your Dragon. While he probably still has some last-minute promotional work to do for the movie in the next few days, let’s hope he takes a little time to relax before new episodes of the Late Late Show resume next week.

In an interview with the McClatchy newspaper chain, Craig says he enjoys being a voice actor in animated films and television. “It allows you to do stuff,” he says. “You’re not constricted by your body. You can be an amputee Viking without having to do all sorts of awful things to your body.”

In today’s Winnipeg Free Press, Craig talks about the validity of Scottish Vikings along with fellow Scot Gerard Butler. He also jokes about Johnny Depp and Scottish accents.

Does Craig have some favorite films? He does and he tells Rotten Tomatoes about five he enjoys. He also talks more in depth about himself and the work he’s doing.

And Craig lends some “ooh-la-la’s” to the Wall Street Journal.

The Late Late Show will be pre-empted in some east coast markets and moved later at night in others because of NCAA basketball. If you’re on the West Coast or stay up very late in the East and Midwest, you may see a re-broadcast of the episode from February 11th with guests Kunal Nayyar and Don Rickles.

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