Photo: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times

It’s been a rainy day in Los Angeles, leaving much of the front of the Kodak Theater covered in plastic and leaving Craig Ferguson pondering the precipitation. He tweeted: Driving miserable rain in la. Rather lovely.

A handful of adjective-challenged Twitter followers wondered if Craig was doing the driving rather than the rain itself, prompting him to humorously tweet: I used the word “driving” to describe the rain in LA. I am not actually driving in the rain. Thanks concerned literalists.

Ah, Craig. Longing for the dreariness of Glasgow yet funny enough to have a comeback.

Spell-checking continues to plague the Hot Mess from Loch Ness. On Friday, Craig tweeted: Sorry I’ve been so quiet. Been reading a terrific book. Conspirata by Robert Harris. Kids, a book is like a long pepery tweet.

After a flurry of confused replies, he added: Ducking spellcheck. Never there when you need it. I misspelled “papery” but that’s ok cause it’s not a real word. Later he clarified: Oops. It seems “papery” is a real word. Well spotted twitzylstani spelling patrol. Sorry. Off to Bedfordshire with a papery tweet. Gnite x

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