It’s a great day for America (and Canada), everybody. Craig & Co. are on the road. Craig tweeted this morning: Arrived in Toronto. Already bowled over by the friendliness of Canadians and the gentle hint of bacon & maple syrup in the air . Oh Canada.

Craig performs two shows in Toronto tonight and heads for Greensburg, Pennsylvania (just east of Pittsburgh) on Saturday. The Toronto Star makes only a brief mention of Craig’s show in today’s edition but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a longer listing in its entertainment section:

Ferguson at the Palace

If you stay up late, you know what Craig Ferguson is like as a talk-show host. How does he rate as a standup comedian? You can find out Saturday night when he steps out of the TV and into the Palace Theatre in Greensburg.

The Scottish-born comic, now living the life in LA, has had an unusually varied career, ranging from punk-rock drummer (The Bastards from Hell) to actor (“The Drew Carey Show”) to screenwriter (“The Big Tease”) to novelist (“Between the Bridge and the River”).

His biggest claim to fame is “The Late Late Show,” which he took over from Craig Kilbourn in 2005. “I think they were just looking for another bloke named Craig,” he has joked. Since then, he’s won viewers with the offbeat and down-to-earth style of his monologues.

Friday fact: If you sent a “hello” tweet to a different one of Craig’s 183,540 followers every minute for eight hours a day, it would take more than a year (a year and 17 days).

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig’s guests are The Price is Right host Drew Carey and country singer Jason Aldean.

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