It’s a great day for America, everybody. Malinky2Stoatir has a new home on YouTube, where new episodes of the Late Late Show can be found. It’s called TV’sCraigFerguson‘s channel.

Here is what Mal posted on Twitter today: JOIN, or DIE. #craigferguson #RSA Relax & smile with my meager offering. Please be patient and enjoy your dose… I will blog on all this weekend. I don’t think it is possible for the old channel to return…she’s just gone. Thank you all so very much for your support & attention…your efforts were heart swelling & your love was comforting to my soul.

You’re welcome, Mal. Thanks for everything you do. We’ll keep an eye on Mal’s blog for updates this weekend. In the meantime, showing your support with the #Malinky2Stoatir hashtag is still certainly welcomed. It’s a nice way to show our appreciation.

The tweet-a-thon is essentially done for now. There were more than 4400 tweets by more than 400 RSA members, and more than 1100 names on the petition to YouTube. There’s no word from them if or when any action will be taken. One of the greatest values of the channel is as a collection, with more than a year and a half of episodes not stored elsewhere. Let’s hope that’s something the folks at YouTube take into consideration. For now, Mal is essentially starting from scratch.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted and re-tweeted our posts over the last 30 hours or so. It is much appreciated and helps spread the word to the RSA.

One of the videos Mal had posted was a birthday tribute to Craig, which we completely missed when it was first posted. It has been re-posted for your enjoyment. If you haven’t seen it, take a look. It’s a work of RSA art!

Video by: RSA member urockstar

In other, more everyday news: Although he is out of the studio today, Craig was tweeting up a storm with this plug: Follow @mindykaling for gripping notary stories. She’s the Robert Louis Stevenson of TV. And this observation: Wierdly snug suit from last nights show has been retired even though the aging pervert look is de rigeur this season. Then, he re-tweeted an interesting question from @sesamestreet: Elmo: Elmo loves his red fur! What color is your fur? Good question.

As we have mentioned here, former Late Late Show host Craig Kilborn will be hosting a new show in the fall. TVSquad has more details about the show.

Tonight on an all new Late Late Show, actress Holly Hunter plays her usual round of verbal chess with Craig, followed by music by The Hold Steady.

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  • withashout

    This is great news but for me personally it's only a SEMI great day… I'm a new fan of the show and since I live in Sweden I can't watch it on TV and the only way for me to watch the old episodes was at (on?) Malinky's now suspended channel. I had just started watching her clips from scratch and now I can only watch the new ones…

  • candoor

    it is so not like Craig to be politically correct or silent, so why not a public word of support for mal and a thank you for the birthday video for urockstar and all who contributed and a ponder about why youtube suspended mal's site… even if he posed it in his irreverent way, like wondering if conan and others ganged up on his youtube appearances out of jealousy, or simply posing the possibility that 'youtube doesn't like me'… there are so many cute and/or clever ways he can thank his fans for their time and energy and also be the living on the edge craig we all love…

    just wondering why he is completely silent on these things… even if he wants to ignore the youtube controversy (can we tease him about punking out?), a thank you for the video wouldn't be too controversial, would it? 🙂

    maybe Geoff should?