It was long day on the road for Craig & Co. on Sunday… about 400 miles from the Robinsonville/Tunica via Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi and the Industrial City of Dixie: Birmingham, Alabama to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta.

RSA Member MediaTsarina was kind enough to tweet us after the Atlanta show to give her impressions: show just let out. Packed house in ATL. Phrases to look out for are: magic baby door, shame stick, Cleveland bowtie. Craig’s opening act was really good, too. Think this was the first time I sat through, much less enjoyed a B.Spears song. Who knew Craig had all that prancin’ about in him? The S&M guy from LLS and a sax player opened for Craig’s entrance. It was very jazz flute from Anchorman. Rockstar entry by CF,too Entire show was great. The ‘ooh la la’ censor would have melted. Who knew a Scots lad liked to cuss? Shocking. In general I don’t like comics who are boy v girl. Too easy.His take on a few key points, while not new, was cleverly delivered. Still no #roboskellyarmy merch, but a tshirt, his book and audiobook for sale. Book is autographed, too. Not personally though. I will say, @CraigyFerg strolled out thru curtains like an early ’90’s Leary. Cock of the walk, without being a dick. A surprise. Two girls, one book. One bought Craig’s book, proudly showing off w/ ‘I got it, I smelled it’. The other sniffed at signature too.

There you go, folks… the inside scoop on the show. Next stop is Orlando, Florida on Monday night.

Saturday Night Live decided to have a little fun at Craig’s expense last night. In a parody of talk shows, the young host’s father called our fearless leader a “lazy bones” for (gasp!) not taping a show every night of the week. In case you missed it, here’s the link to

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Adam Goldberg and the lovely Aussie Abbie Cornish (and her delightful dress) are Craig’s guests on the LLS Monday night, a rebroadcast of the January 21st show. Also featured is the film trailer spoof for “Jersey Shore-The Movie” and Craig admits to Abbie he calls his snake (mug) “Conquistador”.

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