It’s Oscar Sunday and the rain held off for those walking the red carpet. We’ve not seen a tweet from Mr. Ferguson or Mr. Imahara today.

CraigyFerg has reached the lofty heights of number three on the Mr. Twitter poll, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Robot Skeleton Army, surpassing crooner John Barrowman. And the inestimable Malinky2Stoatir has reached number one in the Best You Tube Channel poll.

It will take continued voting throughout the month of March to keep them on top because fans of the others will keep voting. If both are on top at the end of the month, victory can be claimed because the numbers reset on April 1st.

RSA member @wavyferg had some web surfing time over the weekend and discovered robots with skeletons being featured in Popular Science magazine in 1962. Kudos to wavyferg for a fun find!

Since we haven’t seen a tweet from Craig today, here’s a quote to tide us over: “If it doesn’t work, at least it will be an interesting train wreck.”

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