It’s the second week with Geoff Petersen as Craig’s faithful sidekick and he seems to have found a home at the podium as the show begins… complete with a The Price is Right name tag.

Canadian bacon is people?!?

RSA member Colleen_Byrne (complete with a picture of a cockatoo) had one of her tweets read by Craig on the show last night. Woo hoo!

What a treat it was to see Kathy Kinney on Monday’s show. Many people know her from her role as Mimi Bobeck on the Drew Carey show. But did you know she is a multi-talented actress who has appeared in shows like Newhart, Seinfeld, Full House, The Larry Sanders Show and My Name is Earl… as well as several feature films including Scrooged, This Boy’s Life and Arachnophobia? You might see her pop up in episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And just last month she began a turn on Broadway as Madame Morrible in the smash hit musical Wicked. She is well known for her improvisational skills, which she shows in this clip of Whose Line is it Anyway?

Video Courtesy: 12Medbe

Tonight, Craig’s guests are scheduled to be model-turned actor James Marsden and the unconventional comic actress Charlyne Yi.

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