Kirstie Alley will be Craig’s guest tonight and we’re wondering if a little bit of tongue-in-cheek sexual tension will be in the air. Check out the Twitter conversation, where earlier in the week, Kirstie considered their meeting: What’s on TV tonight? anything cool? I’m on Craig Ferguson on Thursday night…he is so cute, I hope I don’t start random makeout with him

Then she sent him a message: @CraigyFerg I’ll be on your show Thursday…hope you don’t try to make out with me continually between sets…it will take restraint

Always the gentleman, Craig responded yesterday: @kirstiealley I have a no make out policy with guests. I’ve only broken it once ( with Regis) so who knows… brush your teeth xxx

Then Kirstie upped the ante: @CraigyFerg I will not only brush my teeth, I will be wearing assless chaps…non-offensive assless chaps…sorta my signature xoxoxo

Today, Craig sent out this tweet: Genuine American Legend Willie Nelson on the show tonight as a reminder its tax day He then corrected himself with another nod to Kirstie: Oops. Willie Nelson not on show tonight. Hes on tomorrow. I hope this doesn’t mean I get audited by the IRS. @kirstiealley tonight. Sexy. Looks like a very flirtatious show tonight!

Craig also responded to the latest rumblings from Smilin’ Stan Lee of comic book fame, with another friendly offer:
@smilinstanlee Your sabre rattling causes great mirth mongstgst the boney legions. Calm thy rhetoric & join us for snacks & juice. Or die Let’s see how Stan reacts to this latest attempt at forging the peace!

Along with Kirstie Alley, singer Sade joins Craig on the Late Late Show tonight.

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