Late Late Show assistant producer Andrea Wayland tweeted about Geoff Petersen’s appearance tomorrow in San Diego: I hope Geoff Peterson brings me a trinket from Comic-Con. That is, if he doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the fans and prospective mates.

And voice actor Josh Robert Thompson added this: Geoff Petersen is such a back seat driver! Take that how you will. #SDCC #RSA

Back in 2006, Craig told Peter Bart and Peter Guber on the AMC show Shootout why he has generally stayed away from big budget films that take a long time to produce.

Video courtesy: Fergufool

Robot skeleton Carol Burke sent us some poetry with a Craigy theme we thought you’d enjoy:

There was a wee lad from Glasgow,
Gathering followers wherever he’d go,
He must be a genius,
With a very nice penis,
Hosting the likes of The Late Late Show.

ANTHEM FOR OUR KING (To the tune of “America The Beautiful”):
OH! Ferguson,Craig Ferguson,
Your Robots wait for thee,
Through hollowed out volcanoes,
In groups of two or three,
We’ll follow you,
Your Skeleton Crew,
Geoff Peterson will spew with glee,
The world is yours to conquer,
From sea to shining sea.

With monkeys oh so cheeky,
Your chuckle mighty creepy,
You give your throngs such a treat,
With snake cup in tow,
RobotSkeletons will go,
To the ends of the Earth on our feet,
From Bing Hitler to Wavy,
In their own little Navy,
Brings delight in the hearts of us all,
Lurking into the shadows,
Of hollowed out volcanoes,
Your devotees will now come to call.

Carol also suggests another formal title for Craig: I also think Mr.F’s title should be..Five Star Exalted Rear Admiral To The Fleet Of United, Cosmic Skeletons

Today is Cousins Day. Not as many greeting cards are sold for this day as Mother’s Day but it’s a good excuse to say hello to your favorite cousins.

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