Leave it to the World Cup to get Craig tweeting on a Saturday. With England and the USA playing to a 1-1 tie in the opening round, Craig was glued to the television and the tweety box. Here’s a look at what he said: Men in dark blue shirts 1-0 down to England. Sickeningly familiar. Come on USA! Green embracing Scottish goalkeeping technique. Thank God. Ok. Hitting mute. Fucking trumpets sound like mutant bees. Respectable start for USA. For my money, man of the match – Green. Have to agree about the horns, Craig. Thanks to RSA member Banana_Happy for capturing the screen with Craig’s top tweet on Twitter!

RSA members pixiepict and SapphireSong91 let us know that they’re getting close to 600 signatures on the petition to get justchristinah some attention from the national talk shows. If you haven’t read about Christinah’s story and signed, please check it out.

Last fall, while promoting his book American on Purpose, Craig visited with Harry Smith on the Early Show.

Video courtesy: CBS

Don’t forget, tag your tweets with #RSArmy during the World Cup to avoid confusion with South Africa’s team. The Robot Skeleton Army will take over #RSA again afterward!

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