Monty Brinton/CBS

Friday fact: If each of Craig Ferguson’s 215,230 followers had 3 gallons of milk, they could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. Pass the corn flakes!

Craigy went a little wild on the tweety last night, extolling the virtues of the Dyson ball vacuum. Hopefully he found it had the “proper amount of suction”: Just used Dyson ball vacuum for 1st time (on rug not on balls). I am scared and humbled by it’s awesome power. Perhaps we’ve come too far. Just used Dyson ball vacuum on my balls. I’m in love. Also. Found a penny. Emptied Dyson Ball vacuum for the first time. Found Jimmy Hoffa.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker is a marathon runner and will be in a race this weekend: Best thing about running a marathon this weekend? Carb loading. Lots and lots of carb loading. Good luck, rebtuck!

We’re told that a few tickets remain for Craig’s weekend stand up performances at the Venetian in Las Vegas. He’ll appear live on stage at 9pm tonight and tomorrow night, June 4th and 5th… and yet he’s “live” on television in Los Angeles. (Shh!)

Darn those sneaky producers. They slipped Adam Goldberg into last night’s show without letting us know, and Jeff Stilton got bumped. We’ll let you know when he’ll be back.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, “Magic Week” concludes with magician Ed Alonzo. Vociferous and voluptuous actress Jennifer Tilly returns to talk through another segment (with Craig not getting a word in edgewise), plus don’t miss the return of Dirk Weems on a new edition of ESPN-UK.

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