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It’s a great holiday weekend for America, everybody.

Memorial Day is specifically about honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We remember not only those who died in the Civil War, the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War and many other armed conflicts of the past, but those who have given their lives very recently in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the globe. Hundreds of thousands place their lives in danger on our behalf every day, with millions of friends and family back home thinking of them every day. Enjoy your three day weekend but be sure to take a little time to remember those who gave all, to make sure you are free to enjoy it.

With a couple of days off next week, the Late Late Show team is in the studio for a rare Friday taping (shh!). Craig’s able assistant Rebeca Tucker is philosophical about it: At the office on a Friday. again. (I am really work spoiled when I start complaining about a 5-day work week). She also enjoyed a little lunch from the Colonel: Take that, dieters! Proof of my KFC Double Down dinner. For the record – it was AWESOME

Meanwhile, LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland is making the most of a new intern: Fancy coffee today & am looking forward to the delicious brkfst sandwich being brought to me by a new intern. It’s his 4th day.

RSA News is taking the holiday weekend off to relax and enjoy the unofficial start of summer. We’ll return late on Tuesday with our usual post. In the meantime, here’s who’s coming up on the Late Late Show:

Tonight, Craig welcomes comedian Jeffrey Ross and music by The National. The re-run fairy pays a visit on Monday and Tuesday. First, you’ll see the May 3rd episode featuring actor Morgan Freeman and actress Kate Mara, followed by a rebroadcast of the April 16th episode with Musician Willie Nelson and actress Ellie Kemper. Fresh new episodes return on Wednesday with a three-day version of “Magic Week”. On Wednesday Lost actress Evangeline Lilly returns to tempt and tease Craig, along with actress Charlyne Yi and magician LaRaf. Thursday’s magic is courtesy of sleight of hand master Jamy Ian Swiss and Craig talks with comedian Jeff Stilson. And next Friday, Craig welcomes actor Jay Mohr and magician Ed Alonzo.

Don’t forget, Craig is once again live at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Friday and Saturday, June 4 and 5.

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