More pictures from Craig’s Midwest tour are coming in as people talk about his appearances. The folks at the Chicago Theater have posted several great photos of Craig performing the “Oops” show closer on their Facebook page. Thanks to RSA member jwilth for the link.

Thanks also to the author of the most famous Craig Ferguson book report of all time, GretchenSke, who took a great picture of the State Theater in Minneapolis where Craig appeared last Friday.

RSA member anngetty drew our attention to a new book by longtime comedian Paul Provenza about some of comedy’s most biting and satirical practitioners. The book includes Paul’s interview with Craig.

Craig spoke last night at a charity event honoring CBS President Les Moonves and his wife Julie Chen for their work supporting efforts to place foster children. His tweet before the event was classic Craig: About to speak @ charity event in front of bunch of Hollywood mucky mucks. Musn’t cuss or take off my pants. Musn’t. Must not. …. This morning, he gave us this: Up early today. Jetlag + espresso = tweaky riverdance antics before breakfast. I’ll be weepy & cold by lunch.

Craig’s predecessor at the Late Late Show, Craig Kilborn, will start a new talk show on local Fox-owned and operated television stations in the fall, according to a New York Times blog.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig gets his chance to interview actress Scarlett Johansson and writer/producer Seth MacFarlane. Happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody.

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